8 Game Changing Reasons Your Takeaway or Restaurant Business Should Have Social Media Marketing

8 Game Changing Reasons Your Takeaway or Restaurant Business Should Have Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t got social media as a part of your takeaway or restaurants’ marketing strategy, it’s about time you did. Research shows that 37 million people in the UK have a Facebook account, 13.7 million have a Twitter account, 23 million people have an Instagram account and 25+ million people have a LinkedIn account.

Which ever way you look at those figures – chances are that every single customer you serve food to will be present on at least one of those platforms. As far as red-hot opportunities go – what more can we say!

Here are 8 fantastic reasons to embrace our digital marketing package:

  • Posts can be scheduled precisely – this is an important point to note straight off the bat as takeaway and restaurant owners can be very specific on the time when you feel your audience is looking for inspiration.
  • Daily posts – with our package, you are guaranteed daily exposure to all of your customers who connect with you, every single day of the week, at the time they are most looking to decide on what to eat.
  • Focussed information – got something you want to promote quickly to your following? Social media is the way. Just let our team know what special offers you have coming up and we’ll ensure your tribe knows all about it.
  • Stand out from the crowd – there must be hundreds of takeaway’s and restaurants in the Newcastle and surrounding area. How are you going to stand out – by constantly and consistently getting your brand out there, you can start to increase your trade.
  • Improve traffic to your website – your website should be one of the most important marketing tools you use within your business. Adding a digital marketing angle to your marketing strategy will likely result in a lot more people engaging with your business.
  • Share customers photo’s – you know that customers are always taking pictures of their food, but where are they putting them? Straight on social media is the answer – start building relationships with customers through liking and following them back. This is a super powerful way to start building customer loyalty.
  • Research your competitors – It’s always a great idea to see what your competitors are doing and their approach to social media. To try and compete with your competitor, you can go one step ahead by offering your customers something more worthwhile or a better reason why they should use your service. As well as researching your competitors, it can be a good tactic to see what other takeaway or restaurants are doing to get inspiration to keep your content fresh and exciting.
  • Increase brand awareness – ask any Politician and they will tell you that exposure is king! Always being at the forefront of your customers mind when looking to eat or placing an order is just one way our digital marketing package can support your business growth.

If you want to get onboard with digital marketing and start seeing the benefits, visit www.smecofe.com/digital-marketing for further information, or why not call one of the team on 01661 823234

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