Coasters aren’t just effective for holding your drink, they’re also extremely powerful for delivering a compelling marketing message to your target audience. We’re offering a unique coaster campaign to help expand the brand awareness of your business and begin driving sales.

Why advertise using coasters?


Standard marketing is becoming ineffective

The average attention span of a human is 5 seconds! This means that advertising through methods such as leaflets, is effective with only 1% of people who view them. The message on a coaster has a retention rate of over 60% because they can’t be ignored.


Increase brand awareness

There is usually an average of 4-6 people around each table which provides a huge opportunity to increase your brand awareness. In addition to this, people often take coasters home which offers an opportunity for more people to see your advert.


Compelling Messages

The messages displayed on coasters have a very high retention rate. This is because people spend an average of 45 minutes at a table inside a bar, therefore they see the key message on repeat, making your offer extremely compelling.

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Our Packages

How it work

Step One : Purchase Package

  • Confirm number of venues/locations.

  • Select your charity / sports club  to support 

  • Upload logo and text 

Step Two: Account Manager Creates Design

  • Coaster designed

  • Design returned in one working day 

  • You approve the design

Step Three : Coasters Created and Sent to Pub

  • Coasters printed

  • Delivered to your chosen location

  • Get more exposure

Bring your campaign to life through our dynamic coasters

What is the dynamic campaign?

  • Enhance your campaign for only £100

  • Add an interactive QR code

  • Update your campaign 4 times per month


Use QR codes to enhance engagement

Through the use of QR codes you can add an extra level of engagement between you and your potential customers. You might chose to use this QR code to give them special offers or even direct them to you website or social media platforms


Keep your coaster current with regular updates

By choosing a dynamic campaign, it helps to keep your marketing activities fresh. Get weekly updates to the offers and content used within your coaster campaign.


Customise your coaster campaign to suit your business

Send us your offer by Wednesday for the following week and we’ll schedule it in. We can even direct the QR code to a bespoke landing page. However, we recommend that the QR code is directed to a Facebook page that we can create on your behalf if you don’t already have one. 

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