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What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is defined as 'a service that allows your business to have a presence and access to essential office functions without the need for a physical location'.

It provides your business with a professional virtual office address, mail handling and phone answering services. It is essentially a traditional office without the costs and limitations of a physical space. Your business is then registered in the location of the service rather than your home.

What are the core components of a virtual office ?

Here at SME Centre of Excellence we provide the core components of a virtual office service to our clients through a virtual business address: Our virtual office provides a professional business address that can be used as a mailing address for correspondence and legal purposes. This allows your business to have a prestigious address here in Ponteland, without the need for a physical office location.

Mail handling services: Virtual offices often offer mail handling services, where they receive and manage mail on behalf of the business. Our mail handling service includes receiving, sorting, and forwarding mail to your desired location. It helps your business maintain professionalism while allowing you or your employees to work remotely.

Who really benefits from a Virtual Office?

Any one can use a virtual office, but largely those who really benefit from virtual offices are small business owners, tradesman, freelancers, international entrepreneurs and remote workers.

Why choose a virtual office with SME Centre of Excellence?

There are many reasons you would choose a virtual office with us here at SME Centre of Excellence, here are just a selection of those:

  1. It's cost effective, choosing a virtual office with us presents a significant cost saving for those that may work from home, yet don’t want their home address widely publicised.

  2. For a prestigious location, you are probably based in a different location altogether and need to market your presence in another region to target a new audience local to our area.

  3. Professional address, this provides maximum flexibility in how you wish to operate your business, providing a professional contact address for your clients and prospects alike.

  4. Mail Handling - we provide complete mail receipt and collection services, with mail forwarding as an added option.

  5. As a Centre of Excellence our values and service standards are exceptionally high but at competitive rates. When and if needed, we can also provide other business support services all in one place such as Accountancy, Website and Marketing or even training programmes for your business at an additional cost.

These reasons are what makes SME Centre of Excellence the perfect choice for a virtual office as we provide a prestigious address being located in Ponteland, Newcastle Upon Tyne meaning our virtual office gains attention from those searching for local businesses in the area for a range of services.

An Example of Success

One great example of this is one of our virtual office users - Stuart Gray who is a self-employed electrician originally located in Whitley Bay. Before Stuart signed up to our virtual office he struggled to find clients in the area and mainly gained his clients from word of mouth.

However after signing up to our virtual office Stuart now thrives with clients as his business is recognised as being prestigious and reliable from the Ponteland area, gaining natural clients not just from residents of Ponteland but the wider Newcastle area also.

How do I sign up to a virtual office?

  1. Visit our Virtual Office page

  2. Click sign up

  3. Once you’ve purchased the virtual office, you will quickly receive a confirmation email with a few actions for you to take.

  4. Once validation has been complete, you will then be able to start using your virtual office address. 

  5. You’re all set up! The team at the SME Centre of Excellence will be able to assist you with any challenges you have so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Ready to get your virtual office today?

Sign up with our website following this link:


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