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Registered Office Services Newcastle Upon Tyne

If you operate in or around the North East of England and wish to have your own office but the costs are putting you off, a Registered Office is the best, cheap alternative. We offer Registered Office services at a fraction of the cost of a physical office – The perfect choice for those who have a business registered at their home address.

Why should you use a registered office service?

  • Provides a professional presence for your business
  • Protects your home privacy and security
  • Never miss a delivery

How it works:

1. Press “Buy Now” and proceed to checkout

2. One of our team will send you an email including simple instructions to help you get setup

3. Follow the instructions and you’re good to go!

Registered Office


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What's the difference between a registered office and a virtual office?

A virtual office address is not the address that you would register your business at. Virtual office services are used to help businesses establish a virtual presence in different regions and countries to benefit their business. For example, a company might establish a virtual presence to be able to access markets in a different country. 

Alternatively, a registered office service is for businesses who are looking for a more professional address to register their business. Many small businesses who do not own a physical office will often go for a registered office service as it allows them to establish a more professional presence and protect the privacy of their home. 

Who is the registered office service for?

The registered office package is perfect for any small business owner or freelancer who is currently operating at home. Many small business owners can’t afford the expensive costs of working in a physical office space and more often than not, they don’t even need the space! 

Our registered office service provides you with a cost-effective alternative. Small business owners and freelancers can now have the luxury and security of a professional address for their business from as little as £15 per month. The package will provide you with a professional address so you don’t have to worry about your home address being public.

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