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Growing your business in 2022

Updated: May 19, 2022

Here at the SME Centre of Excellence, we have first hand experience of business of all sizes.

In fact, most of our staff team are also currently self employed and successful in their own businesses – so we know, first hand, what it means to you when you want to develop your brand using a digital marketing approach.

Here are a few figures that you might not have known around digital marketing which we feel are important when looking for external support:

  1. 59% of businesses outsource their digital marketing to cut costs – this is a great way to generate additional clients without the usual costs associated with employing staff members

  2. And while you’re working with us, you’re focusing on your core business activities – 57% of businesses prefer this route than doing marketing themselves.

  3. 47% of businesses use outsourcing as a way to solve capacity issues – we’re all looking for additional capacity in our business – this is an excellent way to achieve that additional capacity at an affordable cost. You could even consider using bots to automate the repeatable tasks within your organisation.

So, let’s look at some of the benefits of working with SME Centre of Excellence around your digital marketing needs:

You get a full team of marketing experts

As the managing Director or owner of a business, we all know that finding top talent can be hard. The latest Aldermore Future Attitudes report reveals that two thirds (67%) of SMEs, representing 3.82 million small and medium sized businesses across the UK, find it difficult to hire qualified staff members or keep existing talent in the company.

With the SME Centre of Excellence you get an integrated services offer that can handle all marketing aspects of your business. This means that for a fixed price, you get an entire team of experts at your disposal.

You can reduce costs and risks

It’s easy to forget that the cost of a new employee goes way beyond a person’s salary. It also includes recruiting, training and other intangible costs which can be elusive. In fact, for some employers they face an average employment cost of £50,000 per worker in their first year, based on a £27,600 salary.

By developing a relationship with SME Centre of Excellence, you can future-proof your business without risking investing time and resources in an employee who doesn’t have the right experience or is simply a bad fit for the role.

You don’t need to train staff

Providing employee training is the scaffold to business growth and is also essential to remain competitive in your niche. However, training also presents a lot of challenges to businesses – and costs!

The best thing about working with us is that you don’t have to go through the whole training process. Our digital marketing team already have the depth and breadth of skills needed to achieve an increased brand awareness.

You can focus on the core of your business

If you’re focusing on other activities for a couple of hours every day, other than the core of your business, your talent is being wasted. Rather than effectively concentrating on core business competencies or activities, you’re focusing on issues that are less critical or you have less expertise in.

Working with an agency will allow you to free up internal resources to focus on what you do best. Working with SME Centre of Excellence means that your team will also be able to focus on the areas where they can make the best use of their time.

Your marketing won’t suffer as a result of staff problems or annual leave

A key to successful marketing is consistency. However, staff with numerous responsibilities or understaffed teams may feel overwhelmed when they cannot deliver on time or targets.

In 2016, according to figures released from ONS, there were 137.3million working days lost to employee sickness costing employers on average £570 per employee.

As we have a team of digital marketing experts, you will never experience downtime in your digital marketing activities and can feel confident that your brand awareness will continue to increase.

You get an on-demand service

Do you have too much work, so your employees struggle to deliver on time, but at the same time, not enough so you can’t justify hiring a new member of staff?

That’s where our services come in handy, they serve as an extension of your own team and you can get them involved on projects you need some extra help with. This makes it easy to scale your marketing efforts as needed.

Additionally, if you are working with an agency in the long run, you can always consult them on upcoming campaigns and use their expertise in the field. Two heads, or in our case teams, are always better than one.

An outside perspective on your business

There is no doubt that you know your business better than anyone else. Yet, your perspective is one-sided. The harder you focus on something, the less you actually see, sometimes missing easy-to-spot mistakes or gaps in your process.

Here at the SME Centre of Excellence, we’re happy to offer a different viewpoint on your messages through our regular reporting mechanism.

The trend of digital marketing as a brand awareness tool is certainly on the rise and projected to continue. We have the expertise to increase your brand on various platforms – so get in touch with us using any of the methods below to start finding out more about how we can support your organisation to grow.

You don't have to face every aspect of your business alone. Our team is here to support you. Get in touch today!



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