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SMECofE partners with Northumberland Small Business Service providing Enterprise and Startup Support

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The SME Centre of Excellence (SMECofE) is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the Northumberland Small Business Service (NSBS), funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) and the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

This collaboration aims to provide transformative educational experiences tailored for diverse entrepreneurial audiences in Northumberland utilising our self-developed 'Yohlar' learning frameworks and renowned workshops facilitated by the team here at SMECofE.

The Northumberland Small Business Service, is delivered by Advance Northumberland delivering on behalf of Northumberland County Council. The project is part funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority Investment Fund and by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and the Rural England Prosperity Fund with the North of Tyne Combined Authority as the lead authority.

A fun learning experience, delivered by the team at SMECofE & Yohlar

Over the years, SMECofE has collaborated with startups, SMEs, and large corporations from various industries, gaining a nuanced understanding of varying business landscapes and challenges.

Our workshops are not just informational sessions but tailor made interactive platforms for learning, brainstorming, and innovation.

Find out more about our Yohlar-based Workshops and our Power of 3 Learning Framework here.

Some of the Topics We Will Cover:

  1. Foundations of Entrepreneurship

  2. Business Planning Essentials

  3. Digital & Online Presence for Start-ups

  4. Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs

  5. Effective Sales & Marketing

  6. Legal Considerations for Start-ups

  7. Adapting to the Digital Age

  8. Human Resources & Team Building

Each bespoke workshop is delivered using our Yohlar framework to include the topics needed to be covered and are crafted through rigorous research, consultation with industry experts in order to generate a genuine understanding of what the Northumberland small business community requires.

Our approach to reviewing and revising content includes feedback collection after every workshop, reviews by our dedicated team, regular consultations with Northumberland Small Business Service, and continual improvement of our workshops and frameworks.

Our legacy includes ideating over 500 startups, supporting more than 1500 SMEs, and facilitating over 200 workshops. We are committed to offering workshops that aren't just lectures but experiences, ensuring every participant leaves with knowledge, tools, and the confidence to build or grow their enterprise.

Support beyond our workshops

Workshops and training for SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups are just another part of what SMECofE has to offer. We help hundreds of SMEs each year through other partner networks and campaigns around the North East.

As a provider for trusted essential SME support services such as Virtual Office, Hotdesk, Board Room Hire, Accountancy, Web Design and Marketing, we can also offer continuous improvement and innovation opportunities through our sister brand Yohlar - which we believe makes us the ideal partner for this transformative journey.

Available to Northumberland residents aged 16+ and at pre-start, or within 12 months of starting up a business or enterprise (including social enterprises) located across Northumberland.

We will support and help you navigate your first year of trading through workshops and 1-2-1 support giving you the skills and confidence to create and build a successful business.

So if you are within the Northumberland area looking for 'Enterprise and Start up Support', whether you are an individual looking to pursue an idea or a new business this dedicated and tailored support works with you at pre-start stage or your business from their infancy up to the first year of trading, you should contact the NSBS:

Enquire using the email below: or give them a call direct on 01670 528 400 Or if you contact one of our team we can pass your details on to the NSBS.


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