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10 ways to delegate and reduce workload

In truth, to grow your business, you can’t do all the work forever. So the next step is to find some employees and have them do some of your old work for you, you’re much too busy now anyways. You might feel guilty at first, but this is a necessary step to progressing forward. So how do you delegate this responsibility responsibly?

  1. Make it clear – Clearly explain exactly what you want done, when it needs to be done, and why. Leave zero confusion.

  2. Train – Investing the time into showing how to do it and demonstrating examples is a very efficient way for your employees to learn quickly.

  3. Encourage innovation – You can’t always be right. Listen to your employees ideas and sample them, they might be much better than your own.

  4. Avoid blaming – No one is perfect immediately, expect some initial mistakes and issues and deal with them calmly and patiently.

  5. Follow routine – Make motions operational, routine practice is important to getting this right.

  6. Empower – Give your employees a little power to make some choices. Eventually they will needed to be trusted to do this anyways. Just make sure they’re trained up first.

  7. Don’t interfere – Now it’s delegated, you need to trust your employees to do it without you, only help if asked. This also encourages communication.

  8. Make a list – Plan in advance of all your tasks, and choose the ones that can be delegated. Lists are a great motivation to work through. Some day, give your employees a task you think normally only you could do, they may surprise you.

  9. Explore new things – If you can delegate all your tasks, this is a prime time to explore what can be done in addition for your business with all your newly found personal time.

  10. Review – Let your delegates know how well they’re doing, what they need to improve on, and how they can do so. This motivates your employees to trying harder, and once they improve, you can delegate more.


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