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How a coaster can help your business grow

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

When it comes to marketing it can be very challenging to find a medium where you can communicate with your target audience, and as a result, there is a major concern that the return on investment won’t be worth the effort and resources you invest.

One of the most attractive marketing campaigns is a coaster campaign. Communicating with your target audience through coasters offers a lot of benefits that will ensure you get a strong return on your investments. Let’s have a look at some of the highlight benefits.

High Rate of Retention

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is creating the material that is compelling enough to allow your target audience to remember the message that you are delivering so that they will take action at a later stage in the buying process. Coasters will provide a simple solution to this problem. Pe

People on average spend 45 minutes in a bar which means they have the opportunity to spend 45 minutes absorbing the information on your coaster. Therefore, they are more likely to notice the coaster time and time again, especially when the coaster is placed directly under their drink. The more times a consumer is exposed to marketing material, the more likely they are to remember the message. As a result, the retention rate of a message on a coaster is over 60%, making them highly effective when it comes to improving brand awareness.

Increased Exposure

Bars have a high number of different people that pass through every single day. This is a huge opportunity for your business if you were to have your message on the front of a coaster. On average there are 4-6 people around a single table in a bar. That’s 4-6 different people absorbing your message over a long period of time. When combined with the high retention rate of a coaster campaign, you can start to see the potential value they offer for your business.

Combine online and offline marketing

It is very rare to find a piece of marketing material that will allow you to deliver your message both online and offline. We have designed a unique dynamic coaster that allows you to do just that. We add a unique QR code to your coasters so that your target audience can quickly scan the code and see all your latest offers online. If they don’t have a phone on hand to scan the code, they are still able to absorb the message that is displayed on the coaster.

Learn more about our dynamic coasters here.


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