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Idea generation - Methods to stop and think

Pausing and recollecting yourself is a fantastic thing to make a hobby out of. Losing control in the heat of the moment is a sure way to make mistakes or take unnecessary risks. Taking that moment to have a breather, relax, cool off and calmly progress forward or backward is a much safer, well thought out plan. But being amongst the hustle and bustle, working all day, personal problems etc, saying all this might be easier than it sounds. So, here is our list of ways to stop and think.

  • Daydream – We know, this doesn’t sound the most productive, however daydreaming can be pretty useful when coming up with potential future procedures. Having your imagination be the only limitation, you can plan out what you would do in all of these scenarios.

  • Ask your close ones – Parents tend to have many more years of knowledge and experience than us. Don’t be afraid of asking them for advice, chances are they’ll be able to help. It’s also free!

  • Check your diary – Scour through your upcoming plans. You might have to cut out on some social events to devote time to your business, are you prepared for this sacrifice? Give it some thought.

  • Ditch the phone – Phones are a huge distraction in daily life. Switch it off for a bit, and use the freedom to focus on thinking ahead. This is the ideal time to start daydreaming. You might be surprised what your mind comes up with.

  • Go for a walk – Early morning walks can test your fortitude, commitment, and willingness to get out of bed and get the day started. On a walk, you have plenty of time to yourself to think of your future, make the most of this.

  • Breathing exercises – Controlling your breathing can be a great way to free your mind of current stresses, so you can use this free-thinking space to analyse your situation properly. Next time you’re about to make a rash decision, try box-breathing (or any other exercise), and then approach the decision again.


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