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Measuring creativity

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Creativity is a broadly varied term to use, it means different things to different people. Some people’s creative spirit is undermined by others, yet others will notice how creative they were also. Being hard to define, how do you measure creativity?

  • Abstraction – The ability to apply abstract concepts / ideas

  • Connection – The ability to make connections between elements that wouldn’t normally link together

  • Perspective – The ability to shift your perspective on a situation, changing the view of any given moment

  • Curiosity – The desire to change or improve things that others look over

  • Boldness – The confidence to push boundaries beyond the social norms, and ignoring the fear of judgement from others

  • Paradox – The ability to simultaneously accept and work with statements that are contradictory

  • Complexity – The ability to lay out confusing and large quantities of information, and manipulate it into a piece that all links together

  • Persistence – The ability to keep striving forward to find stronger solutions even when others have been satisfactory already

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