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Why buy a virtual office?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

About a virtual office?

A physical office space can place a huge expense on your business and in some cases, a physical office space is not even necessary for a business. Virtual Offices are a cost-effective alternative to renting an expensive physical office space.

So, what is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides you with a virtual presence at the location you choose. The virtual office allows a business to establish a professional image and provides complete flexibility. For example, a business owner might be running their business from home but they do not want to have the business address as their home address so they would opt for a virtual office to separate these addresses.

What are the benefits of using a virtual office?

If you rent your property, there’s a good chance that registering your company to that address will not be allowed under your tenancy – primarily as the landlord shoulders much of the liability should you rack up debt. Lastly, the landlord and next tenants may find it difficult to secure consumer credit on items such as tv’s or mobile phones due to the address if a business has been operating from that address and racked up lots of debt.

Cut Costs – A virtual office is a much cheaper alternative to renting a physical office space. You might be spending huge amounts of money on a physical office space when you don’t necessarily need the space but need the benefits that a virtual office would provide. Make the switch to a virtual office and start saving today.

Separate your business address from your home address – Registering your business at your home address can create multiple challenges. One of the main challenges is the business image. A home address creates an unprofessional image for your business which could affect your growth. The second major challenge is associated with privacy. Many business owners do not want their business registered at their home address because it can be intrusive on their privacy. A virtual office provides a solution to both problems because it allows you to separate your business address from your home address.

Complete Flexibility – Virtual offices unlock the door to flexible working. With a virtual office in place you can choose to work from anywhere in the world because you aren’t locked into one location. Set up a virtual office and start working from your ideal location.

Have a regional presence – many organisations tender for local authority or other government funded bids. Without an address local to the region often precludes organisations from applying for the tender. Additionally, if you’re a business looking to operate within the UK, having a virtual office is a very effective way of creating a global brand.

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