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The benefits of having a professional registered office address

Updated: Jan 15, 2021


Before we dive into the benefits of having a professional registered office address, let’s define what that actually looks like.

The concept of a professional registered office address is very simple. When you setup your business, you will need to select an address that your business will be registered at. For a lot of small business owners who work from home and do not have access to an office space, the easiest option is to register the business at home. This presents a lot of challenges for both the business and the business owner, which is why we are going to discuss the benefits of having a professional registered office address and how you can get one with little cost to your business.

Privacy and security

When it comes to you and your business, privacy and security are the most important factor. If you were to register your business at your home address, the security of your home address is exposed and so is your home privacy.

When you register the business at your home address, your address will then be public to anyone looking for your business and they will be able to access this information through platforms such as companies house. There is also a possibility that you have added your home address to your business social media pages too. Exposure on all of these platforms can put your home privacy and security at risk. This is why you need to have a professional registered office address. The professional address will provide you with a way to separate your home from your business, leaving you feeling more secure.

Professional identity

The added benefit of having a professional registered office address is the professional identity that it creates for your business. If your business is registered at your home address, it can be limiting factor for your business. Potential investors, clients and partners might see your address and notice that your operating from home. This can come across as unprofessional and they might take you less seriously when doing business.

If you’re just getting started, having a professional registered office address can offer your business that competitive edge and it will come across as a more established entity.

How do I get a professional registered office address?

You could move into a physical office space. Doing this would provide you with an address at which you can register your business. However, this will cost your business a significant amount of money every month and you might not even need the office space.

Alternatively, you could use a registered office service. At the SME Centre of Excellence, we offer registered office services for only £15 per month. The service provides you with a location to register your business so that you can overcome all of the challenges that we mentioned previously.

The office is located in the heart of Ponteland so you can benefit from a professional and prestigious location. Registering your business at our business centre in Ponteland will help you separate your business from your home, keeping you safe and secure whilst creating a professional identity.

Find out more about our registered office service here.


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