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Will marketing become automatic?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

With the digital marketing industry increasing in size, businesses are persistent in searching for new tools to make their marketing processes more automated, helping them to reduce their costs in the long run.

Marketing involves a lot of human emotion to create compelling content that will resonate with audiences, so it’s hard to picture a marketing world where everything is automated.

How automation currently operates in marketing

Businesses that are looking to scale and grow are quickly turning their heads to methods that allow them to free up capacity within their business and allocate this capacity to managing larger workloads. One way they can do this is through automating communication with customers and prospects. Marketing tools such as Mailchimp are becoming increasingly accessible which can allow businesses to fully automate their email marketing for a small cost, adding an extra element to their customer service and communications. Through automatic email marketing, you can send relevant messages to your audience whenever they make a certain action on your website which means you never miss an opportunity to engage with a potential customer.

How the development of AI could help to automate marketing?

The development of AI has increased rapidly in 2019 and more of us are starting to use AI assistants such as Alexa and Google Home to make our lives more convenient. AI is constantly moving forward and opportunities are growing, making it more likely that we will see AI playing a big role in marketing.

As marketers, we aren’t communicating with robots, we’re communicating amongst each other, human to human. This could prevent AI from replacing marketers as they may struggle to connect with human emotion which can determine the success of a marketing campaign. If we begin to pass all of our marketing activities to computers and robots, the quality of our content may suffer and soon we might not be able to connect with our target audience in the way we hope to.

Why could this happen?

AI is not a human, therefore, it cannot take into account factors such as tonality which can ultimately define whether or not a piece of content will be successful. It is the lack of emotion with AI systems that can cause us to disconnect with them on a communication level, therefore, we tend to use these systems as tools to make our lives more convenient.

How AI could bring a huge benefit to marketing?

With AI systems making our lives more convenient, we can still find a place for it in marketing. Technology is already playing a part in the marketing industry to make processes more automated, saving time and money. However, we are only just scratching the surface in this development and the improvement of AI could support marketers going forward. The use of voice marketing is growing significantly with devices such as Amazon’s echo becomingly increasingly sought after as household essentials. Marketers can use these tools and devices to make their processes more efficient and achieve a greater return on their investment.

Overall, AI can help us to make marketing more efficient and convenient but implementing AI as a direct replacement for marketers could prove costly for your content with AI failing to account for various human factors. However, if you are looking to cut costs and improve lead generation then automatic marketing tools are a good place to start.

Useful automation tools:

If you are looking to automate your marketing, our team is available to support you with your digital marketing activities.


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